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Welcome to my page, take a look at my gallery 😄😄😄


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Is there a limit to how many AU's i can have? :'D
The Beauty of Friendship
Sorry this looks a little blurry, my phone's messed up xP

Does anyone see the reference here? XD

Anyways, Yuki has a self-esteem issue, she doesn't like how she looks, she thinks she's twice a freak as everyone else. That's why she keeps the mask on.

Buttttt being the good little cousin Rose is, she wanted to help. She she took Yuki's actual "swimwear" clothes. And replaced it with Ali's old swimsuit. And refused to give Yuki her mask or any other of her clothes, she was very determined to boost her self-esteem.

But it didn't go according to plan, and Yuki felt more exposed and werider than ever. But here'sssss Benny boy to the rescue (probably saw that plan backfire before hand xD)

Annnnd i wanna say this is the father/children's weekend at the farmhouse? Moms are relaxing at home, doing girl stuff xD

I have a lil story continuing this, but it's probably more stupider than everything else I've done, so....yeah idk it's a pretty... meh...story, bringing back an old friend...erm enemy? Idk what he is long distance friend- no wait actually he is an enemy oops 😅😅😅

TMNT belongs to Nickelodeon
Yuki and Ben belongs to Me
I had so much fun at the art night, no words can describe it, probably draw a pic describing the whole experience x3
I'm so excited my school's art night is tonight 😀😀😀😀
Students and parents learn to to screen printing on t-shirts, bags, ect. And they could use my designs!!!! 😄😄😄😄

And before i left, one of the desk ladies (who i just say hi to, but never conversate with) asked if i was coming or not...makes me feel special 😳😳😳😳

Can't wait for tonight, I'll try and get some pictures x3

Turns out accidentally deleting the fanfic wasn't all bad, i get to rewrite some of the scenes i didn't like or what i felt needed more...idk something interesting

Sooo i ask you the art community, for help, and also for your opinions to be heard.

My bad Girl Yuki fanfic focuses on mainly Yuki and the fam. How they're cooping, how the parents are cooping And those who know Yuki are doing in this timeline

So i ask is there anything you want to see in the fanfic? Any development of any of my ocs/characters or story?


How does ____ react to?

What if _____ happens?

Would ____ attempt _____?

Just lemme know what you've been dying to see, somewhat like the creators i want to hear the audience's imput

You could be as detailed as possible, the more detail the better so i could better envision the scene and write it more clearly

So pretty please help me, i can't develop the 2nd gene's stories til this fanfics finished, because this plays a very important role in the timeline
Yes you read right. I. Draw. Your. OC. With my version of human TMNT!!!! 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

But...i want to be fair, i know a lot of people don't have points rn sooo...
Let's say somewhere in march slots will open, so start saving! 😄 but i do have rules 👇👇

1. You must have a oc, human or if their mutant draw them as human. If you don't have a full body picture of them i cannot draw them.

2. Points obviously. Depending on if you want a background. Prices may very.

3. Give me a detailed description of what you want them doing. Same as rule 1 i will not draw if i don't have all the details. Cuz i don't want complaints if i did something wrong. 😅😅

I will have 5 slots open. I will update this journal when they open so keep an eye out.

Slots will open in March, and it's first come first serve. 

Oh and PS. Updates on Commisions, art trades and such are displayed on my page so please check there before asking me 😅😅😅

Thanks 😄




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I am a Rookie Cartoonist
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I am a ShellHead! Also a Miraculous ladybug fan! Salior Moon fan! And anything with fairytale or chessy romance!

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