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Welcome to my page, take a look at my gallery 😄😄😄


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I'm dying!
THANK YOU SO MUCH :iconSadiestreak:
:iconmayeverdeen:MayEverdeen 2 3
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Watching people make theories on YouTube and I'm half like:

*Explosion* Mind blown! *0*

The other half I'm like:

Dude....i don't think they thought that deeeeep into a kids movie 😐😐

Like on a personal level i feel that way,

On one hand when someone makes theories on the future of my ocs that I haven't thought of I'm like

Dudeeee i never thought of that, and i wish i did xD

Then others make different theories that are soooo off the story but are still damn interesting, in my head I'm like:
I didn't really think that far...😓

Anyone else feel that way? 😜
pshh, Kids...
Haha i love this kid so much, it's just 😍😍😍😍

I talked​ with Kari (MariposaAzul98)
as soon as she posted Theo and had to know more about this ray of sunshine *W*

So we talked and these two have a very good relationship. Like a Big Sister little brother relationship,

I screwed up on the proportions, maybe? Idk maybe it's perspective that Theo looks alot shorter than Yuki? 😆

This was inpired by that classic moment most of us probably do.

You know that moment when you look at your younger relative and you just can't help but smuggle them, hug them, and smother them in kisses? That's what Yuki does to Theo, because i mean come on, he's the youngest man in the house how and compared to Kal and the uncle's he's got a lot to make up for.

And Yuki's pretty strong to actually lift him from the ground xD Yuki loves him unconditionally because for one their family, and two puppy love xD he's too precious for this world 😍😍😍😍

I do that alot actually, and my cousins always enjoy the attention xD

Peace! ✌

TMNT belongs to Nickelodeon
Theo belongs to MariposaAzul98
Yuki belongs to Me
I just finished with art class two weeks ago, and my teacher says the next time we'll talk is when Art 2 will begin

But noooooo

She contacted me and asked personally~ if I'd be interested in creating a design for our school mascot to put on t-shirts and Tote bags ect to sell at an art night /)*0*(\

She told my main teacher, she'd love to see what I'd come up with OWO

Tadaaki's Bio (Read Discription)
Name: Tadaaki Yamamoto

Nickname: Aki

Age: 17 (almost 18)

Species: Human

*working alone 
*being alone 
*his mother
*Japanese candy

* being bothered
* Girls/women
*people who abuse women/girls
* being called "Aki"
*Being told he's not alone, when he is
*Getting attached to people
*People referring to Karai as his mother
*His school assuming he is a Hamato
*Karai trying to set him up on dates with girls and or friends

(Mother) Marina Heart (decease)
(Father) Hitoshi Yamamoto (whereabouts unknown)

"Not Family"
(God mother) Karai Hamato
(God mother's helper) Shinigami
(God Uncles) Leo, Raph, Donnie, Mikey, Eric, Victor, Tristan
(God Aunts) Ali, KC, Winnie, Paw, Emerald, Lindsey
(God Cousins) Miyuki, Kal, Rose, Kayla, Howl, Theo

"Not Friends"
Benjamin, Axel, Harper, 

Personality: cold, reserved, headstrong, says anything that comes to mind, bitter, hotheaded, protective over women and girls, gentle on some occasions, doesn't sugar-coat the truth. Tends to push people away, or say mean things to make them hate him.


Tadaaki was 2 years old when his mother passed..... by passed i mean murdered.....

The day Karai came over to take him to the zoo, he should have known something was wrong the way is mom was hugging him before he left. It was the first and last time he saw his mother cry. Two hours later they came home with the police surrounding the house, and an abundance pulling a dead body on a stretcher...

The funeral came and gone a few days after the incident. And Tadaaki came to an conclusion, he was never gonna see his mother again. A happy day became the worse, he was alone, Karai ruined his chances of possibly saving his mother from her fate.

Tadaaki's mother was the only person that loved him. His mother was an only child and her parents had passed long before he was born. The only knowledge he had about his father was, after his family found out he married his mother they disowned him. 

The reason Karai was gone for so long was because she was raising Tadaaki in Japan, he refused to go to another country while his mother was buried in Japan. So while growing up Karai and Shini were his guardians and jumped back and forth from Japan and New York. And he hated every minute of it. Everyone telling him all his life that everything was okay, he wasn't alone, they weren't leaving, But that's the thing... People leave!! Even if they love you, they leave!! He wants nothing to do with Karai and them. He made sure Karai understood that she wasn't his mother and never will be, and can't wait til he's 18 and can leave and be on his own.

He gets into a handful of school fights either defending someone or defending himself from those making fun of his beliefs "he hates women but protects them"
But since she's still his legal guardian, she couldn't leave him, Tadaaki kept his father's last name and told her not to mention him to her family, he wants nothing to do with her brothers and sister's family. That's why the Turtles and everyone didn't know about his existence til he was 17, they had no idea Karai was raising a child all these years. 

Life goal: graduate highschool, go to college and get the heck away from the Hamato's as soon as possible!...and find his mom's murder.
Fan Facts: 

*thinks girls are fragile and needs to be protected at all costs, boys can handle themselves but, girls need the protection

*Doesn't want to get close to anyone, if they decide to leave him

*Has high grades in school

*Goes to school in Japan but comes to New York during breaks and vacations

*Hates the idea of love and marriage

*Gets into a handful of fights in school, but never gets suspended since their always good reasons.

*Is a natural blonde, but had to dye it black for school

*Practically hates everyone

*In his spare time he's either doing school work, reading, or training

*Wants to be a detective for the police department

Karai's P.O.V

Marina was one of a few friends she had in Japan besides Shini. She wasn't a ninja, she was an average girl that had a fondness for music, and brightened her days when the Shredder was in his bad moods. And promised she'd take care of Tadaaki and protect him with her life. 

As years went by she saw Tadaaki grow the same way she did. Bitter and anger at the world, angry for taking their mothers away. She doesn't want Tadaaki to grow up anti-social or alone, Karai thought she was alone at one point too, but she has the turtles, Lindsey and their lovers and children, not to mention Victor, Eric, Emerald, their child, April, Casey and all their mutant/alien friends. But she's​ worried he'll end up old and alone if he keeps pushing people away. And tries to set him up with girls or people he could hang out with. But he never takes the bait. And she knows he's mad at her for one reason, and one reason only....Karai knows who killed his mother, but refuses to tell him until he's mature enough.

If you have any questions leave them in the comments 😊😊

TMNT belongs to Nickelodeon
Tadaaki belongs to me
Who's excited to meet Tadaaki tommorow?? 😄😄😄 I mean his bio 😅

(For real tho this time x3)
Yes you read right. I. Draw. Your. OC. With my version of human TMNT!!!! 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

But...i want to be fair, i know a lot of people don't have points rn sooo...
Let's say somewhere in march slots will open, so start saving! 😄 but i do have rules 👇👇

1. You must have a oc, human or if their mutant draw them as human. If you don't have a full body picture of them i cannot draw them.

2. Points obviously. Depending on if you want a background. Prices may very.

3. Give me a detailed description of what you want them doing. Same as rule 1 i will not draw if i don't have all the details. Cuz i don't want complaints if i did something wrong. 😅😅

I will have 5 slots open. I will update this journal when they open so keep an eye out.

Slots will open in March, and it's first come first serve. 

Oh and PS. Updates on Commisions, art trades and such are displayed on my page so please check there before asking me 😅😅😅

Thanks 😄




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The name's TheArtisticGoddess, otherwise known as The Chocolate Ninja

I am a Rookie Cartoonist
with BIG dreams :)
I love Drawing New and Original characters
Writing comic stripts and stories
Drawing Cartoons, especially TMNT or Disney
I Love Fangirling! If you wanna Fangirl over TMNT, Talk to meee! :D
I am a ShellHead! Also a Miraculous ladybug fan! Salior Moon fan! And anything with fairytale or chessy romance!

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